DGES Publications


Torontow, V.A. and D.J. King. Forest complexity modelling and mapping with remote sensing and topographic data: comparison of three methods. In Press, Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 12_2011. Valerie is currently working at the National Wildlife Research Centre, on Carleton’s campus along with other current and past grads of our program (Jon Pasher, Sarah Banks, Blair Kennedy).

Barker, R. and D.J. King. 2012. Blanding’s Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) Potential Habitat Mapping Using Aerial Orthophotographic Imagery and Object Based Classification. Remote Sensing 4: 194-219.   Rebecca is now working at the Dept. of National Defence in Geomatics applications.

Porter, T.J., Middlestead, P., accepted (Feb. 10, 2012): On estimating the precision of stable isotope ratios in processed tree-rings. Dendrochronologia.

Porter, T.J., Pisaric, M.F.J., 2011: Temperature-growth divergence in white spruce forests of Old Crow Flats, Yukon Territory, and adjacent regions of northwestern North America. Global Change Biology, 11: 3418-3430.

Wolfe, B.B., Humphries, M.M., Pisaric, M.F.J., Balasubramaniam, A.M., Burn, C.R., Chan, L., Cooley, D., Froese, D.G., Graupe, S., Hall, R.I., Lantz, T., Porter, T.J., Roy-Leveillee, P., Turner, K.W., Wesche, S.D., Williams, M., 2011: Environmental change and traditional use of the Old Crow Flats in northern Canada: An IPY opportunity to meet the challenges of the new northern research paradigm. Arctic, 64: 127-135.

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