DGES Alumnus, Alette Willis, writes award-winning children’s novel

DGES graduate Alette Willis has won the 2011 Kelpies Prize for new Scottish literature for children 8 to 12 years of age for her first novel “How to Make a Golem (and Terrify People)”, published by Floris Books (ISBN 9780863158407).  Alette’s PhD thesis (2007) concerned writers’ and readers’  use of narratives in making everyday ethical decisions in relation to places and to the organisms, human and other-than-human, whom they encounter.  Through both her writing and the oral storytelling she does at theRoyalBotanic Garden, as well as at other venues inEdinburgh, she tries to put into practice some of the things she learned through this research.

For her day job, she works as a research fellow with Prof Liz Bondi in theSchoolofHealthin Social Science at theUniversityofEdinburgh(as well as with colleagues in theSchoolofDivinity) on a project looking at counselling and psychotherapy inScotland.  Her particular areas of interest are in the role space and place play in the development of professional identities and in the use of narrative in knowledge exchange activities.

Alette Willis will be visiting schools in Ottawa to talk about her children’s book and to share her enthusiasm for creative story work from June 5th to 12th.  For more information about the book, or to get in touch, please visit her website: www.alettejwillis.com.

 For more information on her research please see the Theology and Therapy website: www.theologyandtherapy.div.ed.ac.uk

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