Severe weather incidents inspired this year’s GEOG undergrad poster winner

GEOG 4904 Poster Winner Leah Ronayne with DGES Faculty member, Steve Prashker

Leah Ronayne, who recently graduated with an honours BA in Geography, was this year’s winner of the best poster for the Geography Honours Workshop (GEOG 4904) course.  A combination of a paper that she wrote in 3rd year about the influence of climate change on tropical cyclones and severe weather events that lead to stage collapses last summer, inspired Leah to research the influence of climate change on severe weather in Ottawa.

Leah started in another program at Carleton but eventually found her way to Geography which she describes as “what I had been searching for”.  The interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning was appealing to her as well as the lab components which “gave an opportunity to get some hands-on experience that you might not get in other programs”. 

Check out Leah’s winning poster here: Influence of Climate Change on Severe Weather in Ottawa, ON

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