Recent Publications by DGES faculty and students


Fiona Mackenzie , Places of Possibility: Property, Nature and Community Land Ownership (Wiley-Blackwell), 2012

Journal Articles

Ballamingie, Patricia & Susan Tudin (2012) ‘Publishing Graduate Student Research in Geography: The Fundamentals’ in Journal of Geography in Higher Education, URL:

Donald Leffers & Patricia Ballamingie (2012) ‘Governmentality, environmental subjectivity, and urban intensification’ in Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability, URL:

Goemans, Magda & Patricia Ballamingie (2012) ‘Forest as Hazard, Forest as Victim: Community Perspectives and Disaster Mitigation in the Aftermath of Kelowna’s 2003 Wildfires’ in The Canadian Geographer, 00 (0), 1-16.  DOI: 10.1111/j.1541-0064.2012.00447.x

Cameron, Emilie. 2012. Securing Indigenous politics: a critique of the vulnerability and adaptation approach to the human dimensions of climate change in the Canadian Arctic, Global Environmental Change 22 (1): 103-114.

Cameron, Emilie. 2012. New Geographies of Story and Storytelling, Progress in Human Geography.

Morse, P.D., Burn, C.R., and Kokelj, S.V. (2012) The influence of snow on near-surface ground temperatures in upland and alluvial environments of the outer Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 49: 895-913.

O’Neil, H. Brendan, & C.R. Burn, 2012   Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. Physical and temportal factors controlling the development of near-surface ground ice at Illisarvik, western Arctic coast, Canada.

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