Recent thesis titles


Abra Adamo,  “Intensifying inequality in the ‘sustainable city’: A poltical ecology of ‘smart growth’ in an era of neoliberal urband governance inthe City of Ottawa, Canada” (Fran Klodawsky, Fiona Mackenzie – co-supervisors)

Asli Duru, “Istanbul’s Weekly Public Markets:  Narratives of Access, Provisioning, and Governance” (Fran Klodawsky – supervisor)

Tracey Lauriault, “Data, Infrastructures and Geographic Imaginations” (Fraser Taylor – supervisor)

Trevor Porter, “White Spruces tree-rings from arctic treeline in Old Crow Flats and the Mackenzie Delta, Northwestern Canada: Indicators of past climatic change” (Michael Pisaric – supervisor)

MA & MSc

Sarah Banks, “Assessing Radarsat-2 Polarimetric SAR for Mapping Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Technique (SCAT) Classes in the Canadian Arctic” (Doug King – supervisor)

Geri Blinick, “Manomin (Wild Rice) in the Kiji Sibi (Ottawa River) Valley: An exploration of Traditional Food, Development and Decolonization” (Patricia Ballamingie – supervisor)

Ruxandra Popovici, “The elephant in the field: Exposing the obstacles to project ‘success’ in a western-led agroforestry initiative inthe Peruvian Amazon” (Derek Smith – supervisor)

Jessica van den Berg, “Fuzzy Classification for Eastern Ontario Land Cover Mapping” (Scott Mitchell- supervisor)

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