DGES PhD candidate presents at Natural Resource Management webinar

Chris Huggins, a 4th year PhD candidate in DGES, gave a presentation as part of a webinar entitled “Managing Natural Resources for Post-Conflict Peacebuilding “, alongside Carl Bruch,  Senior Attorney at the Environmental Law Institute (ELI). The webinar discussed the role natural resources play in a period of post-conflict transition to peace and explored lessons learned from case studies around Africa.

Chris presented several case studies from the Great Lakes Region of Africa that demonstrate lessons learned around post-conflict natural resource management. These information-rich case studies include the reintegration of refugees in Burundi, mediating land disputes in the DRC, the unintended socio-economic impacts of environmental policies in Rwanda, and a successful participatory method implemented in Uganda. This presentation was linked in part to his ongoing doctoral research on agricultural reform in Rwanda.

The webinar was presented by FRAME, a peer-to-peer network of Natural Resource Management practitioners, facilitating knowledge transfer and relationships building, enabling members to grow best practices around development challenges (see www.frameweb.org)

The full audio-visual presentation is available here: http://vimeo.com/53619167?utm_source=FRAME+in+Focus%3A+Managing+Natural+Resources+for+Post-conflict+Peacebuilding&utm_campaign=FRAME+in+Focus%3A+Peacebuilding&utm_medium=email

The powerpoint slides are available here:


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