DGES Supports Conference on Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Carleton

Carleton will host the 2013 Conference of the Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, which meets this year under the theme Canada and the Americas: Travelling Knowledges-Peoples-Solidarities. The objective of this Congress is to reflect on the legacy of interactions between Canada and the other nations and peoples of the Americas, and to point the way toward new forms of cooperation and solidarity.CALACS_jpg

This Conference will take place May 3-5, 2013 and includes over 85 panels, with more than 240 presentations, plus roundtables with members of the diplomatic community and Members of Parliament, as well as with representatives of nongovernment organizations and international cooperation. This event will be an opportunity to launch the new undergraduate minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Carleton University that will begin in September 2013.

Presentations by DGES Faculty and graduate students include:

  • Derek Smith (Associate Professor), “Indigenous use and management of the endangered forests of the Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé of western Panama”
  • Jill Wigle (Assistant Professor), “The spatial politics of land regularization in Mexico City”
  • Andrea Carrión (PhD candidate), “The restructuring of local governance in mining enclaves”
  • Adele Michon (MA, DGES Alumna), “Understanding Sustainable Forest Use in a Ngäbe Indigenous Community, Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé, Panama”

Derek Smith will elaborate on practical tips to be successful in the academic job market at the roundtable “The Do’s and Don’ts of the Academic Job Search”. Adele Michon will share methodological challenges and insights from her fieldwork at the roundtable “The poetics and politics of field research: methodologies and beyond”. Andrea Carrión will introduce the concept of buen vivir embraced by the constitution of Ecuador at the roundtable “New forces of transformation in LAC: paradigms, social movements and practices”; she will share the table with distinguished scholars such as Janet Conway, Marie-Josee Massicotte and Arturo Escobar.

For more information about the Conference see: http://calacscongress2013.org

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