Gita Ljubicic receives a Carleton University Research Achievment Award

DGES faculty member, Gita Ljubicic, has won a Carleton University Research Achievement Award for 2013/14.  Here is brief summary of her proposed research.

Indigenous Research Ethics in Theory and Practice: Exploring the role of the non-Indigenous researcherOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In recent decades, research involving Indigenous peoples has evolved from studying Indigenous peoples, to increasing participation, to inviting collaboration, to communities driving research agendas, and finally to Indigenous scholars articulating an Indigenous research paradigm.  Yet challenges remain around how to ethically and meaningfully engage Indigenous peoples in research to ensure respect, reciprocity, and relationality.  This has been of paramount concern in my recent and ongoing research working with seven Inuit communities in Nunavut and Labrador, as part of seven different projects.  For this research award I seek to engage in a critical analysis of research ethics and experiences across all projects.  Therefore, I aim to analyze the challenges and opportunities relating to being non-Indigenous, but trying to work within an Indigenous research paradigm, and how (if) this can be feasibly and ethically undertaken.  This synthesis analysis will consist of: i) examining research guidelines and ethical protocols for working with Inuit communities; ii) conducting a literature analysis of humanistic, postcolonial, and Indigenous approaches to research; iii) evaluating my own recent and ongoing research experiences to connect theory and practice; and, iv) investigating the ethical implications of non-Indigenous researchers (such as myself) attempting to work within Indigenous approaches to research.  The proposed research has the potential to contribute to academic literature within and beyond Human Geography, to ethical research policy in Tri-Council and northern contexts, and to Carleton’s reputation for community-engaged research and Aboriginal relations.

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