Recent DGES PhD grad awarded NSERC VIsiting Fellowship


PETER MORSE, a recent PhD graduate, was awarded an NSERC Visiting Fellowship in April to work with Stephen Wolfe and team members of the Transportation Risk in the Arctic to Climate Sensitivity (TRACS) project, which is part of the Climate Change Geoscience (CCG) program. Previously, he had been working at NRCan under contract while finishing his Ph.D. with Chris Burn on permafrost at the outer Mackenzie Delta. Peter’s research for TRACS is primarily focused on establishing relations between ecological setting and the ground thermal regime in the Great Slave Lowland (GSL) ecoregion, which is within the discontinuous permafrost zone. Permafrost distribution has been associated with peatlands and black spruce and paper birch forests, but there are few data on permafrost temperatures in the region. In addition to their scientific interest, the results will contribute to risk management and adaptation solutions for land-based infrastructure in GSL.  Peter is also working with the TRACS team to: (i) help establish relations between land cover, surficial geology, and seasonal surface displacement, derived for Yellowknife and the surrounding area from Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (D-InSAR) data; (ii) generate a Predictive Surficial Geology map for Wecho River (NTS 85O); and (iii) map icings that have occurred in the region since 1984 using Landsat data, which will assist with determining the controls on their distribution and development and allows for improved route planning.

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