Recent thesis titles

The Significance of Nuna (the Land) and Urban Place-making for Inuit living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Anita Kushwaha, PhD, 2013

Near-surface permafrost conditions, Kendall Island Bird Sanctuary, western Arctic coast, Canada. Peter Morse, PhD, 2013

Impacts of cattle grazing on spatio-temporal variability of soil moisture and above-ground live plant biomass in mixed grasslands. Ravinder Virk,PhD, 2012

Stream-Subsurface Exchange and Hyporheic Zone Influence on Reach-scale Water Budgets within a Boreal Shield Catchment of Quebec, Canada. Ryan Zanatta, MSc, 2012

Applying GIS to program performance measurement and evaluation: The case of children’s community-based public health promotion programs. Kara Hayne, MA, 2012

Random Forest Classification for Surficial Material Mapping in Northern Canada. William Parkinson, MSc, 2012

Integrating Culturally Relevant Learning in Nunavut High Schools: Student and education perspectives from Pangnirtun, Nunavut, and Ottawa, Ontario. Carmelle Sullivan, MA, 2013

The impact of a large arctic storm surge on chironomid community assemblages, Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories, Canada. Courtney Steele, MSc, 2013

Climate Denial in Canada: An Evaluation of the Friends of Science and Fraser Institute Positions. Aldous Sperl, MA, 2013

Forests for the People: Resisting Neoliberalism Through Permaculture Design. Chris Bisson, MA, 2013

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