Award-winning DGES Faculty

Three of our faculty members have recently received awards from Carleton University

Dan Patterson has received a Professional Achievement Award (Instructors) – The Professional Achievement Award for Instructors was established in 1989. Recipients are chosen on the basis of outstanding performance in meeting their responsibilities. Each award is valued at $10,000.

Dan Patterson continues to innovate and create new opportunities for students, including offering new ideas for projects, new partners for students to engage with, and new technologies. He is admired and respected by his students for his clear and direct approach and the challenges he presents, as well as for helping students to achieve in ways they did not know were possible and for providing opportunities for students outside the classroom.

Elyn Humphreys is the recipient of The Carleton University Research Achievement Award was established in 1989 to enhance the quality of research and to recognize research excellence. The Research Achievement Award is administered by the Office of the Vice-President (Research and International). Each award is valued at $15,000.

Warming may drive the loss of Arctic soil carbon that had once been protected from decomposition by permafrost. With this award, Prof. Humphreys will develop expertise in a new research tool, a dual isotope partitioning technique that takes advantage of the different natural abundances of 14C and 13C isotopes. This will help identify when and where old soil carbon is a contributor to carbon dioxide emissions at our Arctic tundra research site.

Emilie Cameron received a FASS Research Achievement award for 2014-2015.  This award takes the form of a 0.5-credit teaching release, funded by the Dean’s office.

Prof. Cameron will be launching a project investigating the gendered dimensions of northern resource development, a pressing and poorly understood aspect of the rapidly-expanding Arctic resource frontier. She will also be coordinating the design and implementation of a socioeconomic baseline study and community mapping process in the community of Kugluktuk, Nunavut, and coordinating a meeting of researchers, policy-makers, and community leaders in Nunavut to share knowledge related to northern resource development.

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