Geography and Environmental Studies unveils its newly renovated labs in Carleton’s Loeb Building

Lab1The renovations to Loeb A120 and A211 include new infrastructure – lighting, ceilings, tables, counters, sinks, fume hood, electronic classroom interactive projection – as well as new equipment and instrumentation – water de-ionizer, fridge, drying ovens, incubator, spectrophotometer, balances, laptops for instrumentation measurements, industrial dishwasher, etc.

The Chair thanked the following for their contributions to these two renovation projects

  • The Office of the Dean of FASS and Carleton University for support of these renovation ideas and for funding the projects
  • The Department’s Renovations Working Group – Elyn Humphreys, Derek Mueller and Stephan Gruber – for their design and equipment ideas and hard work
  • Natalie Pressburger for the administration and departmental management of the projects
  • Elsie Clement who was instrumental in the initial stages before she retired and who came to the reception to see the fruits of her ideas
  • Herb Ballantyne for management of the construction budget, timing, and contractors
  • Quang Ngo for technical aid in all phases, and for tolerating boxes and boxes of materials stored in his workshops during the renovations!
  • The many students who helped clearing the labs and putting everything back into the nice new spaces.

Department Chair, Doug King presents a summary of the renovations and John Osborne, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) cuts the ceremonial ribbon

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