“On Thick Ice”

“On Thick Ice”

Anna Crawford

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a graduate student?

Have you thought about exploring, learning and discovering more about science in the world around you?

Graduate Student Anna Crawford has written a blog titled “On Thick Ice” that details with real world imagery and descriptive prose her experiences as a graduate student. Anna completed her Masters of Science under the supervision of Professor Derek Mueller and has continued on in pursuit of her PhD.

In Anna’s own words, “I have had the incredible opportunity to visit both the Eastern and Western Canadian Arctic regions to research ice islands (large, tabular icebergs originating from ice shelves and glacial tongues). Observations of these rare and unusually large icebergs have increased in Canadian waters over the last decade. They are potential hazards to navigation and industrial equipment and will likely become more frequently seen in the Arctic due to climate change. My personal work investigates the role of surface melt (ablation) on overall ice island decay, while my colleagues study other aspects of ice island deterioration and drift”.

To learn more about Anna’s experience as a Masters and PhD student in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton University, read all about her adventures in her personal blog titled:

On Thick Ice.

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