Congratulations Alex Bramm, DGES Alumni, on being published in ISEMA!


Alex Bramm,

“I graduated from Environmental Studies in 2014. The interdisciplinary nature of the program and its focus on the social, environmental and policy dimensions of sustainability has influenced me greatly since graduating. In the fall of 2014, I was accepted into Carleton’s Sustainable Energy Policy program where my background in environmental studies has provided me important insight into climate change and the ecological dimensions of our current and future energy system.

This last fall I was honoured to have one of my research papers published in our faculty journal: ISEMA: Perspectives on Innovation, Science and the Environment. The paper analyzed existing carbon offsetting regimes in the airline industry and proposed an alternative offsetting model that emphasizes the localization of offsetting initiatives to increase participation rates and reduce urban GHG emissions.

My undergraduate degree has afforded me valuable work experiences over the last couple years with placements leaning heavily upon the knowledge and skills gained at Carleton. I have worked in the GIS department at Hydro Ottawa and conducted waste audits on behalf of Waste Management at Carleton. Presently, as I complete my master’s degree, I am working part-time as a junior policy analyst at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada in the Science and Innovation Sector. The research and writing skills I developed at Carleton along with the insights attained from the social and scientifically-oriented courses has helped me thrive as I transition into my career.

My advice for students is to take full advantage of the opportunities provided in the honours programs. The practicum placement, field camp and honours thesis added so much to my degree that I cannot imagine being nearly as equipped for graduate school or my career without them. An additional note is that no matter where you end up after your degree do not forget the diverse nature of the DGES program. Embrace difference and collaboration at all turns and maintain an open mind as you are confronted with challenges in work and life.”

Link to Alex Bramm’s Article:
Carbon Crowdfunding, An Analysis of Voluntary Carbon Offsets at Gasoline Stations as a Tool for Supporting Local Urban Sustainability Initiatives

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