Congratulations Jill Rajewicz on receipt of the Hamlin Graduate Fellowship

Hamlin Graduate Fellowship

Awarded annually by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research to outstanding students entering or proceeding from one year to another in any graduate program of study at Carleton University. Recipients must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada (landed immigrants or a protected persons). Endowed in 2008 by the Hamlin Charitable Fund.

Jill Rajewicz:

“I am a first year MSc. student in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. I study sub-ice shelf hydrology on the Milne Ice Shelf, on the northern coast of Ellesmere Island, Nunavut. Sub-ice freshwater drainage is thought to be implicated in ice shelf stability; the Milne is the only remaining intact ice shelf in the Canadian Arctic and, so, the last chance to study an intact ice shelf system.

I did my undergraduate degree in Geography at the University of Calgary, where I really developed my interest in the arctic cryosphere and the impacts of a changing climate on the Arctic. I have been lucky to visit the Arctic several times and I will head north again in July 2015 for my masters fieldwork.

The photo is me taking a profile of the temperature and salinity of the water in a crack on the Milne Ice Shelf, July 2014.”

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