Carleton Professor, Fran Klodawsky, Releases Evaluation of Ottawa’s Equity and Inclusion Lens Initiative

InclusionCarleton University’s Fran Klodawsky, professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, released a report recently about the progress and effectiveness of the Equity and Inclusion Lens<> (EI Lens). The EI Lens is an award-winning initiative that has attracted interest across Canada and internationally for its efforts to promote more equitable and inclusive interactions among Ottawa city staff, as well as interactions between city staff and area residents.

The research that informed the report, entitled Equity and Inclusion: Findings, Possible Next Steps and General Lessons<>, was the result of a partnership between academic researchers at Carleton and University of Ottawa, and representatives of the City for All Women Initiative (CAWI), the City of Ottawa and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The research was celebrated as part of CAWI’s 10th Anniversary Celebration at Ottawa City Hall on Nov. 26, 2014.

While recognizing that the work required to build a more equitable city (and society) is long-term and multi-faceted, the report identifies the progress that has been made to promote greater understanding of equity issues and concerns. Since 2011, 1041 city staff and 114 managers have participated in EI Lens training. The City of Ottawa is reviewing the research and identifying opportunities to incorporate it into its future work.

The full report can be found at:


“This report marks an important moment in the longstanding efforts by communities and municipalities to promote equity and inclusion through organizational change. Based on research conducted in this Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded partnership initiative, the engagement of community-based equity seeking groups and senior management at the municipal level in Ottawa were identified as key drivers of the EI Lens’ early successes.” Klodawsky


Originally posted by the Carleton Newsroom, Steven Reid, Media Relations Officer.

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